Project Abc

WOOT WOOT! Officially directed my first live action commercial. Small but fun job that allowed me to take the Director role from start to finish. I really enjoyed working with our actress, Veronica Estrada, but felt like a jack ass when she let me know that I had been calling her by the wrong name the entire day........ Sorry Veronica (not Victoria) It was great to really digg into a single performance, which I found has many parallels in working with an animator. It was comforting finding that many of the skills I have gained working in 3d animation translated over quite seamlessly to directing live action. The real world and the 3d world seems to be blending more and more in my life, and I am loving the ride. For anybody that is interested in checking out my official directorial debut

you can view it at,Project abc.

Thanks to Elizabeth from 2bcommunications for bringing the job to me, and the talented team at BRW usa for helping me put this psa together. PSAs seem to be greatly a labor of love and having such a devoted team of problem solvers, was more than I could have hoped for.

On a side note I also just got an ipad. I know I know, I can hear the groans already, but love the device all the same. One thing I did notice tho is my website is not ipad friendly, as you totally lose the side scroll bars. Isn’t it annoying how as soon as you get something you know, updated, technology changes and you have to update it again? Might require a small site redesign/tweek, but I really hope not as I am pretty happy with the most recent update. Alas, the never ending saga that is website maintenance.

No new music but here are some oldies but goodies

Janelle Monáe Metropolis-Suite I: The Chase (EP)

Ratatat Classics

Royksopp Melody A.M.

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